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The Bulgarian Flag
The currency in Bulgaria is the Bulgarian Lev (BGN). The currency symbol is Лв.
As of April 2023, the estimated population of Bulgaria is approximately 66 million people.
Capital City


Bulgaria, officially known as the Republic of Bulgaria, is a captivating country nestled in Southeast Europe. Situated on the eastern flank of the Balkans, Bulgaria shares borders with Romania to the north, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and is blessed with the scenic coastline of the Black Sea to the east. With its rich history dating back to ancient civilizations and its stunning natural landscapes, Bulgaria offers a fascinating blend of cultural heritage, picturesque mountains, enchanting beaches, and vibrant cities. The country boasts a population of around 6.4 million people, with the majority being ethnic Bulgarians. The official language is Bulgarian, written in Cyrillic script. Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic, with Sofia serving as both the capital and the largest city. Throughout its history, Bulgaria has experienced various empires, kingdoms, and political changes, which have shaped its identity, traditions, and architecture. Today, Bulgaria embraces its past while embracing modern developments, offering visitors a remarkable journey through time and a plethora of unique experiences.

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