Are you ready to move on beyond EOR to establishing an entity in-country?

Our consulting services can help you set up an NRE or a permanent establishment so you can run a payroll and employ your people directly. Our in-house experts will help you navigate the bureaucracies of the various countries with ease and simplicity so you can get on the road of owning your in-country operations.


Our consulting services encompass a wide range of expertise, including HR consulting, payroll consulting, compliance consulting, and global expansion consulting, all provided by our Employer of Record product.


With our HR consulting services, we offer strategic guidance on talent acquisition, HR technology implementation, HR strategy development, and employee benefits design.


Our team of experts provides comprehensive compliance consulting, ensuring organizations adhere to employment laws, regulations, and best practices in various jurisdictions.


As part of our global expansion consulting, we assist organizations in navigating the complexities of international employment services, establishing legal entities, and managing cross-border HR operations.


Our outsourced HR solutions cater to organizations seeking to offload HR responsibilities, providing streamlined and efficient HR processes.


We offer employment law consulting, keeping organizations informed and compliant with local employment laws and regulations, minimizing legal risks.


Talent acquisition consulting helps organizations optimize their recruitment processes, from candidate sourcing to interview techniques and onboarding strategies.


HR technology consulting assists organizations in selecting, implementing, and maximizing the potential of HR technology solutions to streamline operations and enhance HR effectiveness.


HR strategy consulting involves collaborating with organizations to develop robust HR strategies aligned with their business objectives and long-term goals.


Our employee benefits consulting services focus on designing competitive and tailored benefits packages to attract and retain top talent.


Risk management consulting helps organizations identify and mitigate HR-related risks, ensuring a safe and compliant work environment.


Our HR outsourcing services provide organizations with the flexibility and expertise needed to handle HR functions efficiently, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.


International payroll services ensure accurate and timely payroll processing for employees in various countries, navigating complex tax and regulatory requirements.


Global HR consulting assists organizations in developing and implementing global HR policies, processes, and practices to ensure consistency across multiple locations.


Employment contract consulting helps organizations create and review employment contracts to ensure legal compliance and protect their interests.


HR policy consulting involves assessing and improving HR policies and procedures to align with industry best practices and meet legal requirements.


HR compliance solutions offer comprehensive support in maintaining HR compliance, from policy development to regulatory reporting and audits.


Our Employer of Record company provides holistic consulting services that encompass the full spectrum of HR and employment-related needs, ensuring organizations receive customized solutions that meet their unique requirements.


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