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With over five decades of international HR and payroll experience, the Engage Anywhere founding team has a well honed approach to providing uniquely tailored solutions for your global business operations. We provide an efficient and easy-to-use tech solution, while also addressing the equally important need for a human touch. Our client service team knows that each of your employees is different and is here to help you answer questions that software alone cannot solve.

Our Founders

Priya Licht

With over 20 years of international Human Resources experience, Priya has worked across multiple continents, multiple cultures and languages, and a wide variety of industries to help companies establish operations outside of their home country. Her deep knowledge of global employment compliance and cross cultural management needs has ensured successful transitions for companies who are exploring new markets. Using Engage Anywhere means you will be able to take advantage of her ability to smoothly help you and your business navigate new territory in all manners related to labor laws and global people strategy.

Victor Lobo

I have been in the HR and payroll industry for over 17 years, with the last 8 focused specifically on international payroll and expansion. Consulting with customers and becoming their trusted advisor on international growth strategy has been the most fulfilling professional experience of my life. International employment can be complex and risky, but the world has evolved. Companies need to take advantage of the global economy and should not be deterred by complicated employment requirements. We are in the business to Engage your employees.

Daniel Mendieta

I'm an entrepreneur and a passionate learner. I'm driven by my desire to make a positive impact on the world and help others get over the hurdles that I had to overcome as I was learning how to expand and operate with several global organizations. I have been actively involved in various entrepreneurial activities since my early days, but taking my 20+ years of experience in international HR and operations and turning it into beautiful and informed products and services for our clients has really been the most fulfilling part of my career.

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