Extensive full-service background checks in over 210 countries

Extensive full-service background checks in over 210 countries

Companies conduct background checks when hiring direct employees, vendors, or independent contractors as part of their onboarding process. Conducting similar background screening when hiring employees, vendors, or independent contractors abroad or internationally is often challenging.

When evaluating candidates abroad or with international experience, international background checks are vital for employers. Complexities arise from diverse languages, laws, and regulations. Non-compliance can lead to hefty penalties, making expert assistance crucial.

Engage Anywhere offers a comprehensive range of Background check services in over 210 countries to assist our clients in making informed hiring decisions. We offer the optional service in conjunction with our Employer of Record and Contractor Payment Services or as a standalone service. Make informed hiring decisions, improve workplace safety and security, and lower fraud and liability risks.

Choose any combination of these services:


International criminal requests search for criminal records comparable to U.S. felonies, as well lesser violations when available.

Education Verification

Education Verification search confirms degrees, diplomas, certificates, and dates of attendance with universities, colleges, trade/vocational schools and high schools.

Global Monitor Check

The Global Monitor Check (GMC) search helps organizations meet terrorist-checking obligations now required by the U.S. Patriot Act. The search includes information from more than 200 sources and databases including: Most Wanted, Fugitive List, OFAC, Denied Persons, and many more.

Individual Civil

Individual Civil search is conducted at the local level through the court based on the jurisdiction of the city provided. Report may include case type, file date, case number, name of court where case was filed, plaintiff, defendant and disposition if a case can be located.

Professional Document Verification

Professional Document Verification search validates professional licenses for educators, CPAs, attorneys, medical professionals, and any other licensed employee. Results will include license type, date and state of issuance, expiration, and restrictions. Other types of document verification include ID checks, and Passport scan.

Employment Verification

Employment Verification is recommended for any position in which it’s important to verify your candidate’s qualifications based on provided information related to their employment experience, particularly where a specific skill set is beneficial to the role. Employment verification results include only that information which is able to be released by the former employer according to its company policy. This may limit the information received to only dates of employment and position, but may extend into information related to salary, variable compensation or bonuses, and sometimes performance related information. We will provide all information received from the source to our clients. Some states/countries limit the collection and use of salary information prior to an offer of employment being made. We recommend consultation with your legal counsel for all employment law matters.

*candidate is required a consent form prior to screening.

** turnaround time can vary from 2 to 20 business days depending on the screening requested.


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