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Borderless talent acquisition is a growing strategic decision for companies hiring the best talent anywhere. Organizations can remain competitive in an increasingly globalized world. We do all the work, and you pick who you want to hire!

Key Advantages

Access to a larger Global Pool of Candidates

Cost efficiency with access to lower labor cost

Market Expansion supported by local hires

Broader time zone coverage supporting 24/7 operation model

Expand Language Skills by hiring multilingual employees

Support your DEI initiatives with access to a larger workforce

Overcome Recruiting Challenges with Our Streamlined Talent Acquisition Process

Our talent sourcing support provides a comprehensive solution for developing a quality candidate pool. Here’s what to expect from us:


You’ll provide us with comprehensive information about the position (i.e. description, location, compensation, benefits, ideal resume, etc.)

Kickoff Call

Talk to a live agent to discuss your materials and requirements.

Design Strategy

Our talent sourcing strategy is designed to generate an initial flux of candidates ready for vetting. When there is high volume, we actively refine the profile to narrow the pool.


Requisition is posted at several sites that will generate high volume and to our network candidate databases. Expected timelines are 2-3 weeks for best results.

Paper Screen

Focus only on candidates that meet the minimum criteria by thoroughly reviewing candidate’s resume.

Initial Qualifications Screen

Screening questions are designed for each client. Candidate is required to complete and must pass to move them to next step. Next step may include additional key technical skills or expertise questions.

Short List or Active Engagement

Qualified, vetted candidates and resumes are shared with clients. Clients begin their interview process and make an offer to the most qualified candidate.

*It is standard to have a candidate pool in the first 10 days, but it may take 3-4 weeks, depending on the position and region.
**Sourcing support does not guarantee the volume of candidates or potential hires. Results may vary depending on search criteria such as location, compensation, scarcity of expertise, etc.


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