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Capital City

Port Louis


As of March 2024, the estimated population of Mauritius is 1,300,557.


The currency in Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee (MUR). The currency symbol is Re.

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Mauritius, an island nation located off the southeast coast of the African continent in the southwest Indian Ocean, is a tropical paradise renowned for its stunning natural beauty. The main island, which is of volcanic origin, is surrounded by a magnificent coral reef, making its turquoise waters a haven for divers and snorkelers. With its white sandy beaches, lush green mountains, and picturesque landscapes, Mauritius attracts tourists from around the world seeking a tranquil escape. Beyond its breathtaking scenery, Mauritius boasts a diverse cultural heritage shaped by Indian, African, Chinese, and European influences. This vibrant mix is reflected in the island’s cuisine, language, and traditions. The capital city, Port Louis, reveals a cosmopolitan atmosphere with its bustling markets, colonial buildings, and colorful street food stalls. Mauritius enjoys a stable political climate as a parliamentary democracy, with the president serving as the chief of state and the prime minister as the head of government. The country has a mixed economic system, combining private freedom with centralized economic planning and government regulation. It is a member of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the Southern African Development Community (SADC), furthering its regional integration and cooperation. As a tourist destination, Mauritius offers a range of activities and attractions, from exploring the diverse marine life in its clear waters to hiking through the verdant forests of its national parks. Whether one seeks relaxation on the pristine beaches, indulgence in luxurious resorts, or cultural immersion in vibrant local communities, Mauritius promises an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of tropical paradise.

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