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There are many reasons why a business would want to expand and hire in Canada. Some businesses want to tap into a new market, while others seek access to cheaper raw materials and natural resources. Regardless of the reason, almost all expansions come with the responsibilities associated with hiring and managing the local workforce.

Engage Anywhere makes it easy to hire, onboard, and pay your employees in Canada without you having to establish your entity.

Recruiting in Canada

Job boards are the primary source of recruitment in Canada, with many professionals checking both job board advertisements and the company’s recruitment website. However, an increasingly popular option is to search for candidates by uploading CVs into a reputable resume database.

Recruiting laws vary among provinces in Canada, with each province having the power to create its own regulations while adhering to the Canadian government’s overarching staffing and recruiting laws. For instance, Ontario has the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC), which applies to job advertisements. To comply with the law, job advertisements must not contain any discriminatory statements, qualifications, or references.

In Quebec, it is mandatory for all job postings to be presented in French in a manner that is equivalent to the non-French versions. Employers are not allowed to demand proficiency in any language other than French, unless it is necessary for the job. Additionally, during interviews, it is crucial to phrase all questions in a non-discriminatory manner. Asking candidates about personal characteristics such as their age, ethnic origin, or disability could result in a violation of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, whether done directly or indirectly. When recruiting, you can certainly leave the hiring (based on your business needs in Canada) to Engage Anywhere. This lets you avoid any delays while leveraging Engage Anywhere’s expertise to hire the best talent for your business needs. Your risk is minimized because we ensure all your employee-related activities comply with local laws, which can vary from province to province in Canada.

Hiring Employees in Canada

When hiring in Canada you can choose to do it yourself or use an Employer of Record service.

Hiring employees in Canada on your own demands a large time investment as well as the willingness to fly to Canada many times. You must ensure that your company’s key individuals have time to hire abroad.

While establishing a subsidiary can take months before you can engage an employee, we can act as the Employer of Record and hire personnel on your behalf to get you up and running in days.

One of the most compelling benefits of using an EOR like Engage Anywhere is that it allows you to outsource the compliance-related, clerical, and administrative aspects of employee management while focusing on harnessing the talent for your business goals.

Onboarding: Your global hiring starts with the right employee induction/onboarding approach. Since an EOR takes care of all the legwork and formal, legal paperwork in onboarding an employee in Canada, you can refocus your time and effort towards a healthy operationally oriented onboarding. This may include educating the employee on their role, how it aligns with your business goals, delegating early tasks, arranging training sessions, etc. This also benefits the employees since an experienced EOR ensures that all employment formalities are handled according to local compliance regulations so they can focus more on understanding their role in your company and fitting in with the business culture.

Employee Management: Employee management through Engage Anywhere’s platform is transparent and efficient. It allows you to track an employee’s performance comprehensively, along with their compensation and benefits. With this information, you can run complex cost-benefit analyses to restructure your workforce and compensation plans to inspire more dedication and attract better talent. You can also make major expansion decisions, like moving to a province where taxes and wages might be lower.

Primary Reasons To Choose Engage Anywhere As Your EOR in Canada

When expanding to a new country, there are several reasons to consider an EOR, even if you are establishing a local presence. With an EOR like Engage Anywhere, you can access benefits beyond typical EOR services.

Compliance: Most EORs are well-versed in payroll and labor law compliance in the countries where they offer services, and Engage Anywhere is no exception. We differentiate ourselves by adhering to compliance requirements for every facet of employee management, including benefits, disability pay, etc. In Canada, employee benefits may differ from one province to another, in addition to the federal laws associated with hiring, compensation, and managing your employees. An EOR like Engage Anywhere that can help you stay compliant at every step of your employee life cycle in Canada doesn’t just keep you safe from regulatory bodies and fines, but it also helps you build a reputation as a good employer. This, in turn, allows you to attract top talent.

Ease-of-use: With five decades of collective experience of the founding team and assisting hundreds of businesses in countries all over the world with their EOR services, Engage Anywhere has refined its processes to allow clients to get the most bang for their buck. From their software to client support and communication, everything is virtually frictionless, and you can cut down the time needed to establish a local presence and build a workforce in Canada from months to weeks or even days. This saves you, the client, time, and resources.

Talent Visibility: Engage Anywhere emphasizes talent visibility, which translates to efficient operations. The more information you have regarding your employees, their incentives, and performance metrics, the better decisions you can make regarding your global workforce.

Comprehensive Employee Management Services: Engage Anywhere offers end-to-end employee management services. This includes background checks, talent acquisition support, immigration services (in compliance with Canadian immigration laws), and translation support (for interviewing candidates in different languages). Other services are associated with managing employees, including perk management, benefits, payments, etc. The company also helps businesses dismiss their employees in Canada in accordance with all legal requirements.

Flexibility: As an EOR, Engage Anywhere offers you a lot of operational flexibility. You can start establishing a presence in Canada and take advantage of the local talent pool without needing to first establish a formal presence in the country.

Engage Anywhere can be a powerful asset for any business expanding to Canada. Its EOR services are comprehensive, backed by decades of experience, and efficient, ensuring minimal friction in hiring and managing talent in Canada. Schedule a consolation today to see how Engage Anywhere can provide your business with the right solution for your growing business.

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