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The Brazilian Flag
The currency in Brazil is the Brazilian Real (BRL). The currency symbol is R$.
As of April 2023, the estimated population of Brazil is approximately 216 million people.
Capital City


Brazil, officially known as the Federative Republic of Brazil, is a country located in South America. Covering an area of approximately 8.5 million square kilometers, it is the fifth largest country in the world. Brazil shares borders with almost all other South American countries, only Chile and Ecuador being exceptions. With a population of over 200 million people, Brazil is the seventh most populous country globally. Its capital is Brasília, while São Paulo stands as the most populous city. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, making it the only country in the Americas with Portuguese as its official language. The country’s diverse ethnic makeup includes significant percentages of White, mixed, Black, East Asian, and Indigenous populations. Christianity is the predominant religion, with Catholicism being the largest denomination. Brazil operates under a federal presidential constitutional republic system of government. Home to breathtaking natural wonders like the Amazon rainforest and the Pantanal wetlands, Brazil is renowned for its rich biodiversity. The country also offers vibrant cities, beautiful coastlines, and a diverse cultural heritage that encompasses music, dance, cuisine, and festivities.

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